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Welcome one and all, Its been freaking AGES scinc I updated this page, it was gathering dust, Seems the front page could do with a nice re-make so, Yeah.


Whats in the news?

Working on a better more efficiant means of news service.

soniCola comics  Run by Koji Chao, Best Fan art/humor ever.

Sonic culT Run by Reala/Pachuka, no.1 source of Sonic infomation.

Sonik Team Run by Beta, does some nice projects.

Ristar cluster  Run by Djbraster, probably the only CulT like Ristar site there ever was.

Matrial Added/Lost from updates

Here we go:

Sprite sheet section nuked abit. - Because I did.
SAdv2 hoax page nuked - Not needed.
News sections nuked. - because they sucked.
Sonic 3 page nuked - well, it was full of old stuff...
Sonic Boom log page nuked. - no need for it. Game dropped.
Supersonicteam page nuked. -  This "Team" don't exsist no more
SAdv2 Debug page NUKED. - The infomation about this was lost, AGES ago.
GC Pre disc page nuked. - The preveiw disc was taken down... about a year ago.
Sonic CD page NUKED - Never used.

SSUK's other site.
SSUKMore of a free site than anything.