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Lets start
well from me larning much more about HTML I can now post alot more pictures, well then lets begin.

well here we have one from my Sonic Advance 2 manual it has the GAME OVER screen on the atual play screen while on the final the game blacks out and you get the game over screen...

well here is sonic hitting a spring in leaf forest in a unknown area.

here is tails in another unknown area of MUSIC PLANT

well here is knuckles climbing in another UNKNOWN AREA goddamit!

yet another unknown part of HOT CRATER for you...

okay I am getting sick of all these missing areas!

Don't you have to have a illusion to do that special move?

where is the blue blade from tails move?

Not used in game... the old True Area 53 intro? it looks like it!

Chesse don't have a illusion when using the headbutt move.

different possish!

The arrow on the final goes behind the character

no arrow...


Tanned chesse, anyone?

Sonic Advance 1 supersonic sprite!

beta hot crater (that rymes) with a volcano... hmm...


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